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Pyrilutamide 0.5% solution - 1x30ml bottle

Pyrilutamide 0.5% solution - 1x30ml bottle

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Pyrilutamide (also known as KX-826) is a high potency antagonist of the androgen receptor, and is currently the strongest available topical anti-androgen. It is in stage II clinical trials in the US for treatment of androgenic alopecia, and stage III trials in China for the same condition.

In Kintor Pharma's stage II clinical trials 120 patients were treated with 5mg/day applied topically as a 0.5% solution. The result was a significant increase in hair density with no serious adverse events reported.

The bottles come with a built in pipette which holds approximately 1ml. All bottle orders are sent with a graduated plastic 1ml pipette for more accurate measurements.

Store in a cool, dark place. Pyrilutamide solution maintains potency for at least two years upon mixing. Expiry date is displayed on label and only bottles with one year or more before this are shipped.

Do not refrigerate or freeze as this may cause the active compounds to crystallize.

Ingredients: Ethanol (70% V/V), Propylene Glycol (30% V/V), Pyrilutamide (0.5% W/V)